BEKA takes over KaRo trademark

On January 1st 2008, the company BEKA, completed the takeover of all rights in the KaRo trademark from its previous owner Donald Herbst. Even after handing over the marketing of KaRo to BEKA, the inventor of the capillary tube system, Mr. Herbst will stay in touch with the KaRo idea. Within his company, he will apply himself to further the development of the capillary tube system and explore new possible applications of the technology.

“With the KaRo brand our international partners identify themselves as suppliers of the innovative KaRo capillary tube technology”, explains BEKA's managing director. Partner companies share the idea of a natural, energy-saving and comfortable air conditioning. Following the example of nature, the capillary tube technology is based on the circulation of water through very fine plastic tubes that lie close to the surface – just like blood circulating in the human body's micro capillary veins. This technology allows silent and healthy air conditioning without dryness.

The core for putting this philosophy into practice are the BEKA capillary tube mats made of robust polypropylene, which BEKA has been producing in Germany and is being enthusiastically accepted throughout the world.

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