BEKA USA, in partnership with BEKA Heiz- und Kuehlmatten GmbH (BeKa Germany), brings Micro Capillary Radiant Heating and Cooling to the whole of North America.

We call it more properly BIO-CLIMATIZATION or Bio-Climatizing.

We are manufacturing a portion of the system in Phoenix, AZ, USA. Soon we will manufacture the complete system in the United States.

Integral training is available to any HVAC or Plumbing company or any new enterprise in North America interested to work with this system. As water, not air, is the heating and cooling element, this is now a new specialty.

We bring the 15 years manufacturing experience from Europe with 15 years product warranty for each properly BEKA micro capillary radiant installation.

Even when this system is new in the USA, there are over 20,000,000 ft2 of radiant cooling/heating already installed all over Europe.

Radiant cooling/heating affords unheard of living human comfort, free of noise and dust pollution, free of air draft and turbulence, no pockets of uneven cooled/heated spots, no nose or throat dryness during the heating season, and no “sick building syndrome,” with 100% fresh air all the time provided by a DOAS (Dedicated Outdoor Air System). Each zone can have a different temperature control if so wanted or needed.

For industrial, commercial and residential buildings, the radiant heating and cooling installation needs less plenum space and therefore you can get more floors on the same building height, or you can save in building costs by reducing the height the same design.

The BEKA Radiant Cooling and Heating system pays for itself in multiple ways.

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Beka USA
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